Baby Music at nursery schools

Photographs by Neil Denham

Bea has taught for many years at the Montessori Pavilion in Barnes. She collaborates with the nursery school teachers so that her programme complements each term's core activities and works with a live musician who can demonstrate many different instruments to the children.

Learning through play

The children have enormous fun learning through percussion games, many of them created by composer Dr David Bruce - formerly one of Bea's accompanists.

They learn learn songs from all parts of the children's repertoire including part and canon singing. At the end of their nursery education they take with them an understanding of pitch, a good song vocabulary and the ability to play instruments cooperatively and solo.

Christmas concerts

Every year Bea delights her young students' parents and grandparents with an hour-long concert, her proud 3-year-olds singing solos and songs in at least one foreign language.

Bea and her talented band of musicians are now taking on regular slots in nursery schools in SW London. Contact us for more information