Bea's Baby Music

Photographs by Neil Denham

Using live music instead of recorded backing tracks, Bea and her professional musician accompanists aim to awaken and develop elementary musical abilities in young children from six months to six years old. As well as giving children the opportunity to become familiar with real instruments, the flexibility of live performance makes each class a unique experience. Colourful puppets and props play their part in developing a friendly, lively atmosphere.

For the younger children, a variety of "magical journeys" introduce them to everyday topics such as: food and drink, times of day and lots of animals. Everyone gets the chance to choose from a multitude of musical and percussion instruments for some hands-on experience.

Along the way they pick up a degree of manual dexterity and discover early social skills such as joining in, taking turns - and having lots of fun!

Our customers say "The best group we attend"

Why the movements?

Dalcroze researched a whole programme of learning music through movement in the 1920s. We have read and digested his research and believe that rhythm is not learned through banging a drum but through whole body movements - swaying, rocking and nodding. It is also learned through clapping and learning when claps come in a piece of music. Please join in all the movements to encourage your child.

My toddler just wants to walk!

In a mixed age group it is fine for a toddler to ramble within the circle of mothers and nannies. The child is still learning and hearing the music, even whilst busy practising their new walking skills.

Parents remain responsible for their child(ren) at all times.

It's all a muddle!

Your first class may seem a muddle at first, but if you join in and attempt to sing along you will soon learn the tunes. They are very simple, but it does take time. We have recordings, so that if you can bear to have me in your car you will soon know all our songs!

I am so tired!

If you are really tired, sit back, relax and enjoy the class. If Bea can entertain your baby and give you some time off, that is a great way to approach the class.


A sibling who's not participating need not pay for the classes but once they are joining in please volunteer to pay for them. We musicians exist and bring up our own families on very low incomes and need your support. I cannot afford to give reductions to siblings or twins but you may spread the payments, paying for one child (or half the fees) at the start and one/the rest at the end of each term.

Photographs by Neil Denham


Bea runs Babymusic courses in West Norwood and Putney:

Dates 2017
Spring term 9th January - 31st March Half term 17th - 21st February
Summer term 24th April - 7th July Half term 29th May - 2nd June
Autumn term 11th September - 15th December Half term 23rd - 27th October

West Norwood

186 Casewick Road SE27 0SZ

18MTHS-3½ YRS Monday 10.05-10.45
6MTHS-2½ YRS Monday 10.55-11.25


Putney Leisure Centre
Dryburgh Rd SW15 1BL

18MTHS-3½ YRS Wednesday 9.45-10.25
6MTHS-2½ YRS Wednesday 10.30-11.00
18MTHS-3½ YRS Wednesday 11.10-11.40